The Second Consultative Meeting of Somalia Federalism Network (SFN)


The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) has been supporting governance institutions in Somalia to establish effective federal governance in the country. In this context, the Institute organized a series of conferences and meetings on Somalia federalism in October 2014 - Addis Ababa, December 2015 - Djibouti, and July 2016 - Entebbe.

The Addis Ababa conference focused on constitutional aspects of federalism and power sharing, and fiscal arrangements of federalism in Somalia. The Djibouti consultative meetings addressed the critical challenges to successful implementation of federalism best practices to move the dialogue forward among the FGS and the constituent member states. The Entebbe consultative meetings presented the lessons of resources and expenditure allocation from the IGAD sub region and select African federal states, and formally launched a Somalia Federalism Network (SFN).

The SFN was established to enhance dialogue and cooperation among the Federal member states at the horizontal level, and to facilitate cooperation between the Federal Government and member states (in existence then and in the process of formation) at the vertical level. The SFN is to create space for the promotion of viable federalism governance and deliberative consideration on critical issues including power and resource sharing among the relevant stakeholders. The creation of an Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR) group, together with federalism experts and opinion/policy makers in the regional administrations was aimed at knowledge generation and dissemination on important federalism issues and also to better inform the leadership of the federal government and states, and ultimately the wider public.

The specific objectives of the SFN are to:

  • Create an institution for on-going and regular consultation and track II negotiations on essential federalism issues in the country.
  • Spur national debate on the practical aspects of fiscal federalism; including power and resource sharing, taxation and revenue mobilization, and allocation of functions and jurisdictions.
  • Help start sustained collaborative network with relevant organizations and stakeholders working on federalism issues in Somalia
  • Start the embryonic units of institutions of future Inter-Governmental Relations

HESPI, in association with committed partners, will organize two days consultative meetings of the membership of the SFN, and select policy makers and change agents on the 24-25 October 2017 in Djibouti.