Expression of interest (EOI)

for consultancy service to facilitate and coordinate

the annual HESPI Conference on IGAD Economies (IGADEC 2017)


Country/Region: Ethiopia/IGAD region

Ref/H/EOI/256 /2017


The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI), a regional think tank focused on socio-economic research and institution building. The Institute has been conducting annual HESPI conferences on IGAD economies.[1] The conferences are initiated to create a platform for researchers and policy makers to discuss the progress made in economic development, the promising opportunities and the challenges that are faced in the sub region. The conference offers such a unique avenue for researchers, policymakers and development practitioners to debate economic and social issues of relevance to the region in particular and developing economies at large.

This year’s event is going to be held in Sudan, Khartoum in collaboration with Mamoun Beheiry Centre (MBC). The conference is entitle “Youth Unemployment and Creating Employment Opportunities in the IGAD” and will bring together government policy makers, researchers, private sector players, civil society representatives, UNECA policy experts and experts and representatives if the IGAD secretariat. The 2017 conference will address the following key issues:

  • Youth unemployment (challenges and prospects) in the IGAD region
  • Impacts of Trade and Investment in youth employment in the region
  • Causes and consequences of Illicit Migration from the IGAD region
  • Launching of a comprehensive research work on the impacts and trends of urbanization on unemployment in the IGAD region

Purpose of the conference

The main purpose of the conference on IGAD Economies are to:

  • Offer a venue and an opportunity to discuss and debate important economic and social issues of current concern to the region.
  • Contribute to conduct of objective and analytical research on economic and social development of the region.
  • Promote knowledge generation, management, and dissemination as an important driver of good policy formulation and implementation in the region

Key deliverables

  • Review about 25-30 abstracts and full research papers on the selected conference themes
  • Review the profiles and qualifications of the paper presenters and panelists
  • Moderate the round table/policy debate sessions and panel discussions
  • Design, plan and monitor the execution of the conference
  • Organize the conference resource materials and logistics
  • Make contacts with all participants and make resources and program arrangements with all partnering organizations namely the IGAD secretariat in Djibouti, UNECA in Addis Ababa, Mamoun Behery Centre in Khartoum and HESPI in Addis Ababa.
  • Document or record the conference processes and outputs in the required order and quality

Qualification and Profile of the Consultants

HESPI seeks to engage the services of individual consultants with:

  • Solid post-graduate level academic training in Project Management, Business Administration, Development Studies, Economics, Public Administration, Public Policy or related field
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and fluently communicate in complex and intensive setting with diverse stakeholders and players.
  • A working knowledge of the structure of IGAD region economic sectors is desirable;
  • Excellent communication skills; and good command of English, Arabic or other languages of the region both in writing and speaking

Request for Expression of Interest

HESPI now, therefore, invites eligible and qualified individual organizers or coordinators to indicate their interest in providing the service. Interested individual consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services giving a description of similar assignments undertaken before.


Negotiable. HESPI offers an attractive remuneration for qualified organizers of short-term intensive consultancy services.

Submission of Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services to facilitate and coordinate Annual HESPI conference on IGAD economies (IGADEC 2017)” should be submitted before 5:00 pm of May 15, 2017. Applications should be sent to  or It is advisable to send updated CV together with your EOI.


 [1] The three conferences held so far were on “Economic and Social Developments in the IGAD region”, in 2014; “Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction in IGAD Region”, in 2015; and “Imperatives for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals in the IGAD”, in 2016.