Expression of interest (EOI)

for preparing background papers for a joint launch of a conference on

‘Towards plausible investment and trade policies for combating youth Unemployment’


Country/Region: Ethiopia/IGAD region

Ref/H/EOI/256 /2017



Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) is a research Institute and think tank established to promote high-quality socio-economic policy research and analysis, policy advisory services and capacity building to assist the governments, private sector and other stakeholders of the development of the IGAD region.

HESPI has been engaged in diverse program/project engagements with the IGAD secretariat through various forms of collaboration and ensure synergy in implementing the projects. It signed project implementation contract agreement with the IGAD secretariat to jointly conduct an IGAD economic conference where policy panels will be organized on Trade and Investment for combating youth unemployment in the IGAD region. HESPI is looking for Individual Consultant to prepare the background paper on Trade and Investment to be presented at the HESPI conference on IGAD economies to be held in Khartoum, Sudan.

The Importance of investment and trade for all economies in general and in the developing countries like the IGAD region in particular cannot be overemphasized. The size, quality and flow of investment and for such economies is the central pillar for their source finance, export, technology transfer and future economic growth prospect, employment generation, and sustainable development

Purpose and objectives of the background papers

In light of the importance of such issues in these countries, the IGAD Secretariat and HESPI plan to organize an economic conference anchored on trade and Investment for high level government officials, policy makers, economic researchers, think tanks and other relevant stakeholders.

The principal objective of the conference is to highlight the central issues in designing an appropriate policy, implementation details, and monitoring implementation schemes zeroing on their immediate, medium and long term impact on the economies of the countries of the sub-region, and in particular on impacting on youth employment. Accordingly, the IGAD Secretariat and HESPI would like to hire two consultants:   on trade and another on investment developments in the IGAD region who will prepare background papers that will anchor and guide the discussions on separate policy panels.

The focus of the expected background papers is not and should not be a review of investment and trade theories or their empirical counter parts. If and when such theories and practical experiences are cited, it should be to serve as a guide in suggesting a practical policy design, implementation details and the care and degree of effectiveness that policy makers should adopt in managing these issues. In particular, how policy makers should approach in selecting and implementing trade and investment policies in weighing the alternative investment and trade schemes, their economic impacts and how these should be aligned with a given countries’ economic policy priorities.

Key deliverables and learning outcomes

  • The consultants will develop an initial outline of the papers and have HESPI’s comments
  • Produce first draft of the papers in the light of the TOR and the specific outlines
  • Incorporate HESPI and IGAD secretariat comments in the first draft and produce final version for circulation
  • Present the paper at the high-level HESPI conference on IGAD economies to be held on 24-25 September 2017 in Khartoum, Sudan
  • Incorporate any additional comments from the peer review process at the conference and produce the final version with readily publishable formatting and submit to HESPI in Soft copies

Qualification and Profile of the Consultants

To carry out this task, the consultants must have a solid understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge on the issues. The background papers should, therefore, articulate:

  • A theoretically and practically coherent policy guide on trade and investment issues, respectively;
  • Help practitioners sharpen their understanding of appropriate, realistic and visionary policies.
  • In short, whatever theoretical and practical frameworks presented in the background papers, it should ultimately focus on what policies have not been paid attention to in the region, what they did right and what they did wrong in previous policies adoption and implementation history and how they should forge ahead to make their trade and investment polices as relevant as they could possibly can to foster their economic performance.
  • It should also emphasize the economic linkages and experiences that have or haven’t been exploited both within the region and outside the region.
  • The research papers should bring out the key parameter in trade and investment policies that have the highest impact and value for pursuit of productive employment and sustainable inclusive growth,
  • The consultants should be willing to present drafts of their background papers and work with HESPI to incorporate any changes suggested before presenting the papers on the 24-25 of September, 2017 in Khartoum, at the HESPI Conference on IGAD economies.
  • With regard to qualification, the consultant has to be at least an MA degree holder with a demonstrated extensive experience or with a PhD and relevant experience, particularly their knowledge of the East African economies.

Request for Expression of Interest

HESPI now, therefore, invites eligible and qualified individuals researchers/professionals to indicate their interest in preparing the background papers. Interested individual consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services giving a description of similar assignments undertaken before and their qualifications and overall experiences in an updated CV. HESPI may request for written or verbal verifications of some of the qualifications, experiences and competencies indicated in the CVs.


Negotiable. HESPI offers an attractive remuneration for qualified researchers or professionals for short-term intensive consultancy services.

 Submission of Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services to prepare background paper on either Trade or Investment” (please specific whether Trade or Investment), should be submitted before 5:00 pm of 30 June 2017. Applications should be sent to or We advise interested applicants to send updated CV together with your EOI.