Expression of interest (EOI)

for consultancy service to collect research data in South Sudan (GSS)

for studies in Public Expenditure Management (PEM) and impacts of the ongoing instability

on Trade and Regional Integration


Ref/H/EOI/262 /2018



The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) is a Think Tank and regional policy research and institutional capacity building organization in the IGAD region[1]. Evidence-based policy advices and Technical Assistance mainly to Financial Integrity Institutions in the region are among its focus areas and main contributions to the member states of IGAD.  As part of its policy research plan in South Sudan (SS) in 2018, HESPI is planning to conduct research studies in the broader areas of:

  • PEM effectiveness in SS
  • Regional Trade and Integration from South Sudan’s perspective

This assignment therefore intended to generate and report on data required for the study from various sources of the GSS using questionnaires and interview guides.


Required Qualification and Experience

The consultant should have the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrated competence and background in theoretical and practice aspects of PEM and International Trade in a developing economy
  • Solid   academic training at the postgraduate level in economics, Financial Economics, finance , Trade or related fields;
  • demonstrated track record of conducting macroeconomic research and conversant with intensive data collection and analysis tolls and skills;
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English;
  • Solid knowledge of the macroeconomic and political contexts of South Sudan



  • A clear and short outline of methodologies to conduct the assignment (revised version of the methodology indicated in section 3 above including the updated list of respondents)
  • Sample test-questionnaires and reports from the first 3-4 interviews
  • Detailed and structured reports of the interviews and filled pointed questionnaire for the number of agreed sample size
  • Incorporate HESPI comments in initial reports and produce final acceptable report on the interview response for HESPI
  • Share with HESPI relevant documents for the research issues which are not available in the public domain (the number of documents will depend on availability and access)
  • Respond to likely iterative queries for clarity and completion related to the interview, the outputs, and shared documents within the contractual period


 Duration of services

The research will be completed by end-February, 2018 and output will be used for policy forum and training to be conducted in March 2018.


Request for Expression of interest (EOI)

Eligible and qualified individual researchers are invited and  must provide documentation  indicating that they are qualified to perform the service and  giving a description of performing similar assignment before.



Remuneration is negotiable, HESPI offers competitive compensation for qualified researchers.


Submission of EOI

Expression of interest clearly marked “Expression of interest for consultancy service to collect and report on research data from RSS should be submitted by 5:00 pm of 15 January  2018. All interested applicants should send their CVs and cover letter highlighting their education and experience emphasizing the relevance to this assignment. The Application should also include a short technical proposal indicating the outline of the study, and a financial proposal clearly stating the expected daily consultancy fee. Please send your application and supporting documentation to Mr. Daniel Fantaye at and/or Ms. Alice Parounakian at

[1] Current members of the IGAD region include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda