The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) is an independent, non-profit think tank and consultancy firm established in 2006 for the member countries of the Horn of Africa in particular and developing countries at large. HESPI provides economic and social policy analysis and research on issues of common interest to the sub-region. The Institute undertakes commissioned studies, policy analysis and research for the public and private sectors in areas of regional or country specific interest, and provides institutional and human resource capacity building. HESPI’s mission is to assist with the formulation and implementation of sound economic and social policies, to promote high-quality research and policy analysis, and to provide advisory services to facilitate broad-based economic growth and poverty reduction.


Objectives and Goals

The core business of the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute is to perform as a research center of excellence and to assist in the development of economic and social policies. The core activities of HESPI are in the following program clusters:

  • Conducting objective and high-quality economic and social policy analysis and research;
  • Enhancing public finance management by promoting accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption measures;·
  • Building of capacity in policy analysis to inform and advise the policy processes, and strengthening institutional and human capacity to formulate and implement sound broad-based economic and social policies.
  • Promoting public and private sector partnership for socio-economic development and promoting financial sector reforms to increase savings and to provide credit efficiently;
  • Promoting national and regional food security and intervention for increased multi-sectoral agricultural production and productivity and the conservation, improvement and sustainable utilization of natural resources including land, water, forest and fisheries;
  • Encouraging and facilitating regional economic and social integration; and
  • Working towards prevention of intra-State and inter-State conflicts and facilitating dialogue to resolve emerging challenges before they develop into full-fledged conflict.