HESPI Associates and Senior Associates

(as of September, 2019)

At its regional headquarters, in Addis Ababa, HESPI maintains a core technical staff, led by the Managing Director to ensure that its work and policy advisory services have the highest level of professionalism. Other technical staff of HESPI comprises a number of senior associates and a large group associates, including economic and social research experts, and specialists in private and financial sectors issues, economic and financial governance, institutional capacity building and economic integration. These associates are supplemented by consultants on short-term assignments as required. Below is the list of Associates and Senior Associates by order of last name:

Mr. Alemu ABERRA:
has an LLB degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)...

Mr Alemu Aberra has over thirty years of banking experience in commercial and central banks in east and southern Africa, he developed a profound understanding of the African banking environment and challenges facing both commercial and central banks. As advisor to the governor of the Bank of Tanzania (1999-2007), he provided advisory services in banking matters directed to bring about soundness and stability in the financial sector, and in restructuring and privatization of banks. He worked as a project manager of management team of Louis Berger International, in Uganda, that restructured and prepared the Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) for privatization in 1994-1998. He was the General Manager of the Central Bank of Lesotho (1992-1994) in charge of operational departments, improved reserve management and accounting standards, and established new risk based management procedures, and enhanced Bank Supervision activities.

Mr. Alemu Aberra worked as a General Manager of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia from 1980-1991. As chief Executive Officer of CBE, which then had 158 branch offices and staff of 4,900, responsibilities encompassed overall management of the Bank’s operations and development. He was controller of the National Bank of Ethiopia (Central Bank) in 1978-1980. Duties included were overall monitoring and ensuring compliance of different organs of the bank to policies, introducing new and improved banking systems, and accounting systems. In 1968-1978 he worked at the commercial Bank of Ethiopia as a regional manager of Addis Ababa area.

Mr. Alemu has a Diploma in advanced International Bank Management- Swedish International Development Agency; an LLB degree- Addis Ababa University. And a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Haile Selassie I university.

Mr. Abdirazak M. ADEN:
has a Masters degree (MSc) in Agriculture Extension and Education...

Mr. Abdirazak M. Aden has a Masters degree (MSc) in Agriculture Extension and Education. He is a social scientist with extensive practical experience in rural development, agricultural extension and education.

Mr. Bashir ISSA:
has a Masters in Public Administration...

Mr. Bashir Issa Ali has a Masters in Public Administration from American Century University in the USA. Former CEO of Commercial Bank of Somalia and Governor of the Central Bank of Somalia

is a Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA)...

Mr. Paulos Basazinew is a highly qualified auditor and a Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA), UK, and has Master of Business Administration (MBA). After graduating from Addis Ababa University with BA degree in Accounting, he worked at the Office of the Federal Audit General (OFAG) from 2001-2013, and before that at Repi Private Limited Company, Degefa Lemessa & Co. (Private audit firm), and Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF) funded by the World Bank. More recently, he worked at Kokeb and Melkamu Audit Partnership as a Partner.

Mr. Leonard CHACHA:
has Masters in Business Administration...

Mr. Leonard Chacha is the Managing Director of INNOVEX and director responsible for business development particularly in the areas of public finance management, and programme development. He is a qualified accountant (CPA), an Accredited European Excellence Assessor and a Certified Project Manager. With over 11 years of consultancy experience in Eastern Africa and the Lakes region, he has gained extensive experience in conducting a wide range of assignments in central and local government authorities and for development partners such as the World Bank, USAID, UNDP, JICA, DFID, DANIDA, and European Commission. Mr. Leonard Chacha's consulting individual experience covers strategy, procurement, audit, human resources management, financial management, socio-economic and public policy research and organizational development. He has previously worked for UNDP, Price Water House Coopers, Afro Aid Development Consultants and assignments have been carried out in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership...

Mr. Ahmedei CHEIKGUREI has worked in various roles where he fostered international association for developing human capacity and institutions, diaspora networking, recruitment, empowering communities through skills, knowledge and support. His experiences encompass expertise in empowerment and design of policies for sustainable international development. Furthermore, he promotes key projects that have significant impact on Global Migration, including preventive measures and countering violent extremism, global healthcare programs implementation, policy formation for security and stabilization, humanitarian affairs, peace building and reconciliation.

Mr. Cheikgurei is an American citizen. He holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield Collage in Los Angeles, CAhe and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Springfield Collage in San Diego. Mr. Cheikgurei has lived in various countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Turkey and the United Sates.  He speaks Arabic, English, Somalia and Turkish

Mr. Abdishakour A. GULAID:
has an Msc. in Survey and Mapping Engineering...

Mr. Abdishakour A. Gulaid has an Msc. in Survey and Mapping Engineering.

Mr. Abdelkarim A. Haji HASSAN:
holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from San Diego State University...

Mr. Abdelkarim A. Haji Hassan has a distinguished career in the private sector, including over 15 years in managing multimillion-dollar Agro business programs in the United States, Central America, European Union and East Africa. Mr. Hassan has developed and established a certification program in best practices in the field of Agribusinesses in North America. He holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA and undergraduate degree in Agronomy (BSc) from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, College of Agriculture. He is the cofounder and COO of Solutions 4 Development (S4D,) a Management Consulting Firm that provides tangible action for the private and public sectors to accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions.

Mr. Hassan served as a Senior Consultant/Advisor for the UNDP Somalia - Support to Emerging Federal Member States (StEFS) Project. He was instrumental in formulating Strategic plans and Institutional Development programs for Somalia’s Federal Member States (FMS) under UNDP state formation program.

Dr. Omar H. HUSSEIN:
has a PhD in Economics...

Mr. Omar H. Hussein has a PhD in Economics. An Economist and senior official at the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) in Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1984-2005). Deputy Director of Research Somali Commercial Bank (1974-78). Currently serving as Chief Economist and Team Leader, Fiscal Policy and Reform Management Unit at the Ministry of Finance of Somaliland. Mr. Omar participated in the formulation of economic policy reforms in the countries of the Arab league. He established and supervised Arab Capital market developments for more than ten years. Besides Arab Monetary Fund documents he contributed to, his publications in the field of economics include a paper on the success of private sector economy in Somalia, and a book about the Somali economy.

Dr. Ali ISSA:
has PhD in Economics and MBA in International Finance...

He is the current managing Director of the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI), a think tank and research Institute that focuses on the Greater Horn of Africa and developing countries in general.  He has a PhD in Economics and an MBA in International Finance. Dr. Ali is also the executive Director of the National Economic Council of Somalia. He was a senior economist and manager at the International Monetary Fund for many years including as an Advisor in the African region, and Senior Resident Representative in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Dr. Ali provided macroeconomic policy advice and technical assistance to more than 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and the Western Hemisphere, during his career at the IMF. Other professional experience includes work as an economist at Citibank (NY) and the Central Bank of Somalia; and lecturer in economics at universities in the United States. His publications include books on commercial banking, economic development, and public finance management and governance, as well as many articles on fiscal and monetary issues, policy reforms in low income countries, and trade and regional integration matters..

Mr. Joseph KAKOZA:
has MA in Economics...

Mr. Joseph Kakoza has over thirty years of work experience at the International Monetary Fund. He started as a Young Professional (Economist) at the IMF (1970-72); and was an economist and senior economist at the African Department, IMF (1977- 95); and Deputy Division Chief Monetary, IMF (1995-2006). As Deputy Division Chief he led IMF missions to The Gambia, Comoros, Seychelles, Sierra Leone and Malawi. Apart from IMF assignments in Washington, he was IMF Resident Representative to Sierra Leone (1981-83) and Zambia (2003-2006).

As an IMF economist, the major focus of Mr. Kakoza's work was on macroeconomic policies and surveillance. Special emphasis was put on growth and development issues and policies. This entailed support for capacity building in Africa and other developing and emerging countries. In this regard, he participated in a number of initiatives and studies to support reform agendas in many countries. As mission member, mission chief and Resident Representative, he supported governments in preparing their national medium and long-term development plans/agendas; and worked on many Francophone countries in Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Djibouti, Burundi, The Comoros, Guinea), gaining fluency in French.

Mr. Kakoza has a BA in Economics (Upper Second), from University of East Africa (Makerere) March 1968; an MA in economics, Yale University (AFGRAD Scholar); and was a Doctoral Candidate (Economics) 1973-1977 at Yale University, and completed the requirements for a Ph.D, except for the submission of a doctoral dissertation.

Dr. Kansiime Monica KAGORORA:
holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Kenyatta University...

Dr. Kansiime Monica Kagorora holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Kenyatta University, in Kenya. She is a Research and also a seasoned Monitoring and Evaluation professional. her research work has focused on climate change adaption, commodity value chains, food security, and farming systems.

Prof. Gilbert M. KHADIAGALA:
holds a Doctorate in International Studies...

Professor Gilbert M. Khadiagala is the Jan Smuts Professor of International Relations and Head of Department of International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He has previously taught politics and international relations in Kenya, Canada, and the United States. His research focuses on African politics, governance, post-conflict reconstruction, and security. He recently authored Meddlers or Mediators? African Interveners in Civil Conflicts in Eastern Africa (2007) and co-authored Sudan: the Elusive Quest for Peace (2006). Professor Khadiagala has consulted widely with international development institutions and with many countries in Africa.

Prof. Khadiagala holds a doctorate in international studies from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), the Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Robin D. KIBUKA:
has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University...

Mr. Robin D. Kibuka has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; and BA in economics from Yale University.

Mr. Mohamed A. MOHAMED:
has a Masters of Business Administration...

Mr. Mohamed A. Mohamed has been Associate Chief Financial Officer (ACFO) since 2007- with overall responsibility for the financial management for Washington D.C. (USA) agencies; including the Executive Office of the Mayor, Office of the City Administrator, City Council of the District of Columbia, Office of Property Management, and Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Office of Contracts and Procurement and the Office of State Education. He was Director of Financial Operations, Office of Finance and Resource Management Government of the District of Columbia (2000-07). He was a Consultant to UNDP Somalia in 2005, and prepared a concept paper for the Transitional Public Finance Institutions. He worked in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Government of the District of Columbia in (1998-2000), and managed the formulation and execution of the District of Columbia's operating budget and capital improvement plan. He was a financial analyst and senior budget analyst, in the Government of the District of Columbia, in (1988-98).

Mr. Mohamed has a Masters of Business Administration, University of District of Columbia, United States, 1987, and Bachelor of Arts, Lafole College, 1981. Other education includes public financial management, Harvard University, Kennedy Business School, 2008; certificate in accounting and financial 'management, University of Maryland, United States (2008); and advance government financing certificate, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2005.

Prof. Kinandu MURAGU:
holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Adam Smith Business School...

Prof. Kinandu MURAGU holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and a member of the Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts. He is currently a director  of Development Impact Consulting in charge of institutional development and finance. Prof. Muragu has provided exemplary leadership having headed or worked at senior levels in both private and public sector institutions in Kenya and other countries. He is also a board member in several  national and regional institutions. Prof. Muragu has previously worked for the Central Bank of Kenya, The Kingdom of Lesotho, the United States International University-Africa, the Eastern and Southern African Institute (ESAMI), and  the University of Nairobi.

Dr. Halima NOOR:
has PhD in International Law from Stockholm University...

Dr Halima is Tanzanian national. She has a Bachelor of Law from Nairobi University (1983-86), Masters in Comparative Law and PhD in International Law (1991-97) from Stockholm University. She worked as a Researcher at the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University (1994-97), and as Program Officer in charge of trade with Eco-News Africa, Nairobi (1997-2001). Between 2002-05, Dr. Noor worked as an International Consultant with UNDP Somalia and with the Kenyan government under the European Union Post Lome Trade Negotiations. Since 2005 she has worked at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) Interregional Advisory Services in Switzerland, as Regional Advisor.

Amb. Peter ROBLEH:
has PhD in International Relations...

Amb. Peter Robleh has PhD in International Relations. He is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute. Amb. Robleh was a Senior Advisor on international trade at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa (2002-11). He was Ambassador of Ethiopia to the EU (1993-2001); UN staff member for over a decade in Western Asia, and Associate Professor at California State University, USA. He has extensive experience in economic and social policy development in the Horn of Africa region.

Mr. Abdihakim SAEED:
has a Masters in Project Management (MSc)

Mr. Abdihakim Saeed has a Masters in Project Management (MSc). He worked as a senior Civil Affairs Officer at the United Nation Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), other professional experience includes Humanitarian coordinator at Ministry of Planning in Somaliland. Worked as a part project coordinator at the institute of practical research and assistant project manager at Model city in Minneapolis.

Ms. Zuleikha SALIMSAID:
has a M.Phil. in Development Studies...

Ms. Zuleikha Salim Said has a M.Phil. in Development Studies from Keble College, University of Oxford; an MA and BA (Honours) in Modern and Medieval Language (French and Spanish). She worked at the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in Somalia, since 2013, and for United Nations Economics Commission for Africa High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) from Africa, from Sept 2011- Sept 2012. Zuleikha worked on short-term consultancies - paid and voluntary - on development issues for the African Development Bank (AFDB). From April 2005 - February 2009, she worked as Director/coordinator of the Parliamentary Network at the World Bank office in Paris, and from February 2003 - April 2005 as coordinator/researcher of the All Party Group on Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, of the House of Commons, UK. ZuleiKha is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Somali, Swahili and Luganda and has basic knowledge of Arabic.

Dr. Aues SCEK:
has PhD in Development Economics and Population Studies...

Dr. Aues Scek is currently a member of the National Economic Council of Somalia. He has a PhD in economics and is a senior development economist who has gained broad experience in policy formulation, design of development strategies, and implementation of PFM systems.  Most recently Dr. Aues has worked in budgetary reform development, organizational change Kenya, Malawi and Somalia. He jointly led with the World Bank country economist a team of consultants in assessment of PFM system in Somalia (Somaliland, Puntland and South Central), developed recommendations and work-plan to introduce a wide range of reforms into organizations including machinery of government changes. He has worked as a consultant to UNDP and World Bank and bilateral development organizations on planning/budgeting, institutional capacity building and programming, monitoring and evaluation in a number of countries. He has more than 25 years’ experience as policy advisor and senior manager in Government and for international organizations. .

Dr. Dekha SHEIKH:
has a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics (University of Missouri – Columbia)...

Dr. Dekha Sheikh has a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics (University of Missouri – Columbia), MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics (Clemson University, South Carolina), and BSc Agriculture (University of Nairobi)

Mr. Haile Melekot TEKLEGIORGIS:
holds Masters in Public Administration...

Mr. Haile Melekot Tekle Giorgis was Minister of State, Ministry of Capacity Building and Ministry of defense, Ethiopia, 2001-05.; and Vice-Minister for Finance 1995-2001. He led the design and implementation of a nationwide public expenditure management reform program in planning, budgeting, accounting, and procurement for federal and regional public bodies. Department head Ethiopian Management Institute, 1980-93; he designed training programs, monitored and evaluated training programs, and participated in consultancy assignments. He was chairperson and member of many Public sector Boards including: Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Board of Trustee for Public Enterprises, Calub Gas Share Co., Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise, Board of Management of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethio-Lybian Joint Agricultural Co., Fertilizer Industry Agency, and Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority.

Mr. Haile Melekot holds a Masters in Public Administration (2006) from Harvard Univ., John F. Kennedy School of Government; A Masters in Accounting and Development Finance (1989) from Birmingham University, U.K. and a BA in Accounting (1980) from Addis Ababa University.

Ms. Asegedech (Assi) WOLDEMARIAM:
has an MA in Economics from Syracuse University, USA...

Ms. Asegedech (Assi) Woldemariam has an MA in Economics from Syracuse University, USA, and over two and half decades experience at the IMF. She has extensive research and analytical expertise in macroeconomic and public finance issues.

Mr. Abdulahi M. YAHIE:
is an economist with Masters Degree from the University of California at Los Angels (UCLA)...

Mr. Abdulahi M. Yahie is an economist with Masters Degree from the University of California at Los Angels (UCLA) and has more than 35 years of increasingly responsible professional experience in development policy, planning, research, design and management of broad base pro-poor interventions in Africa continent.

Mr. Mohamed A. ZUBEYR:
has an MA in management...

Mr. Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr: is currently the Director General at the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs of Somalia, co-leads the New Partnership Agreement, Pillar Working Group One (on inclusive politics, federalism, state formation, constitution & elections) and chairs the working group on the National Constitution. Mr. Zubeyr has broad experience of many years in the management of education institutions, trade unions, and private/public institutional development and research. He worked as a lecturer, and deputy director for research and publications at SIMAD University in Somalia. He was also the chairperson of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions, and worked for the Somali Bank for Reconstruction and Development as an advisor at the Planning and Research Department.

Mr. Zubeyr holds a Master Degree in management and a bachelor degree in business administration.  He received multiple training programs and professional awards in his current interest area of institutional management.