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Poverty and Inequality

Analysis in the IGAD Region:

Regional Profile and

Country Status

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Assessing Transition to

Stability, Fiscal Sustainability

and Provision of Peace

Dividend in South Sudan

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Proceedings of Conference

on Imperatives for attaining

the sustainable development

goals in the IGAD region

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Macroeconomic performance

of IGAD and the implications

of China's economic slowdown

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Contribution of early-age

circumstances to inequalities

in educational achievement

A within and across age cohorts comparative study
for Ethiopia

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Is Sudan's Public Debt


Preliminary Assessment

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Inequality of Opportunity

in Child Health in Ethiopia

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Quantifying the road influence

zone on socio-economic

development in rural

Tigray, Ethiopia

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Fiscal Federalism and

Decentralization in selected

IGAD Member Countries

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Understanding the total Factor

Productivity Shortfall

in Sub-Saharan Africa

Forthcoming Publications

1) Effect of Corporate Taxation on Firm Performance and Industry Convergence: Evidence from Ethiopian manufacturing

2) Analysis of poverty profiles and determinants of poverty and inequality in the IGAD region

3) Assessing the Status of Islamic microfinance in the IGAD region

4) Proceedings of Conference on Imperatives for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals in the IGAD Region