Seminar on Enhancing the role of CSOs Involvement in PFM Advocacy & FTA in Ethiopia

Seminar on Enhancing the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) involvement in Public Finance Management (PFM) Advocacy and Financial Transparency and Accountability (FTA) in Ethiopia

April 30, 2024

The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) has been engaged in Public Finance Management (PFM) and Financial Transparency and Accountability (FTA) throughout its establishment realizing that unless the management of the scarce resources available in the member countries of the region is improved, there would be constraint on sustainable development in multiple ways. HESPI believes that public resources have been either misused or misallocated more in Sub-Sahara Countries than others. HESPI recognizes that ensuring prudent management of Public Resources requires concerted efforts from both the government duty bearers and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

On April 30, 2024, HESPI with financial support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) organized a seminar on enhancing the role of CSOs involvement in Public Finance Management Advocacy and Financial Transparency and Accountability in Ethiopia. The objectives of the seminar were to enhance the role of CSOs involvement in PFM &FTA policy advocacy, which is desirable for collective actions for influencing governments to achieve fiscal effectiveness and integrity. Specifically, this seminar achieved the objectives of

  1. Sharing and validating the findings of HESPI research study on the internal capacities of CSOs and their current roles, challenges and opportunities in policy advocacy for PFM and FTA in Ethiopia
  2. Identifying and familiarizing the CSOs on pragmatic PFM advocacy strategies & approaches, provide new competencies and technical skills on how to cooperate and collaborate with public officials on sustainable transformational change in fiscal management
  3. Created learning opportunities for CSOs-led policy advocacy and lobbying for effective PFM and FTA in the country’s current circumstances of socio-economic fragility and insecurity.

Representatives from the Ethiopian Civil Society Council, Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association, senior Ethiopian government officials from the Financial Integrity Institutions namely the Ministry of Finance, Supreme Audit Institution/Office of the Federal Auditor General, Federal Anti-Corruption Commission, the honorable Parliamentary Accounts Committee Members, International Budget Partnership, the African Forum and Network on Debt And Development (AFRODAD) attended this seminar.

Expert presentations were made on challenges and opportunities for CSOs to engage in PFM advocacy followed by thorough discussions of the issues. Finally, the seminar forged the way forward on enhancing and strengthening the accountability and transparency of the use of these scarce resources to these countries. In addressing the above-mentioned critical issues on the region, HESPI suggested building the capacity of CSOs, building the willingness and readiness of relevant government agencies will help the entire society to actively participate and cooperate in the management of this highly important area of fiscal responsibility, integrity, accountability, and transparency.