Case VI : HESPI’s periodic policy forums on topical issues

Concrete Results of HESPI Institutional Capacity Building in IGAD Countries




Case VI

HESPI’s periodic policy forums on topical issues

HESPI has been organizing topical policy forums. It has so far, organized such forums on Infrastructure collaboration for Integration; formation of a proposed IGAD development Bank; Energy production, consumption and collaborations in IGAD; Small and Micro Enterprises Access to Finance; Private sector development in IGAD; and migration and youth unemployment.

Although incubation period and attribution remain to be issues in properly gauging impacts and measuring outcomes, the informal feedback from participating researchers and policymakers verified that beyond knowledge sharing, there are indications that policy measures are impacted in IGAD member states.

Based on recommendations made at the small and medium enterprises access to finance studies and the subsequent policy forum, the IGAD member governments (development banks and microfinance institutions) are taking meaningful measures to finance young firms with limited managerial and operational experiences, and those with inadequate collaterals. The Ethiopian authorities also sought assistance on a study of industrial finance from HESPI after the policy forum.

The policy forums dialogue based on research studies findings and policy recommendations informs policy makers and influences HESPI studies policy directions. As a case in point, the policy dialogue forum on the proposed Development Bank for IGAD has elicited considerable interest on the sub-region cross-boarder trade and investment.

The policy forums series have been conducted at the UNECA Conference Hall or other venues in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the presence of senior policy makers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and representatives of a wide cross section of civil society.  Also, representatives from UN agencies and diplomatic mission are usually invited and have participate.